October 4 - 5, 2011

Alarms Summit ReportOver a four-year period, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reportedly received more than 500 reports of patient deaths related to alarms on monitoring devices. This topic has been the focus of national media attention, Joint Commission sentinel alerts, a special ECRI Institute report, a special AAMI issue of Horizons (spring 2011), and peer-reviewed articles from all three conveners plus many other organizations. Alarm safety was one of the top issues in AAMI and ECRI surveys on "Top 10" issues.

At this 2011 summit, 300 stakeholders from various backgrounds, came together to address the hazard and frustration of alarm “noise” in healthcare facilities. For two days, they discussed and debated the issues, helping to identify a path forward.

The Clarion Themes, as detailed in a free PDF report on the summit, are:

  1. Deepen all stakeholders’ understanding of use environments.
  2. Improve alarm system management.
  3. Innovate to improve alarm system integration.
  4. Reconcile challenges and differences in use environments.
  5. Strengthen medical electrical equipment standards and contracting language to promote success in all intended use environments.
  6. Clarify regulatory requirements.
  7. Share illuminating practices with all stakeholders.

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