Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week, May 17–23, 2020, promotes awareness of—and appreciation for—the critical work of professionals who manage and maintain the vast assortment of health technology found in healthcare delivery organizations.

This year’s events are planned by AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC) to support professional development and promote this vital career to a new generation of HTM professionals. Here’s how you can get involved:

High School Essay Contest

High school students are invited to participate in a national essay contest that can earn them valuable recognition and great prizes! To enter, describe in 600 words or less how health technology has made your life or the life of someone you know better, and email your essay, name, school, town/state, and email address to by March 1. The top three winners will receive a total of $1,000 and be recognized nationally during HTM Week.

HTM “Funny Story” Contest

Some HTM professionals have a legendary sense of humor. Now’s your chance to tell us your funniest story from your career in HTM! Just send a short “selfie” video (less than 1:30) or write a brief essay (under 500 words). Your funny HTM story could be an unforgettable interaction with a clinician, an oddball fix to a medical device that you found, a joke or prank that someone played, or anything on the job that had your colleagues rolling on the floor. Entries should be “clean” and not political. The top three entries will split $500 in prizes. Send your entry to by April 30th, 2020.

HTM Department Creative Photo Contest

Send us creative photos to showcase the important work of your HTM department, and we’ll feature them throughout the HTM Week on social media! We want to see your team in action, so no “class photos.” AAMI will buy lunch for the department with the best photo. If you share on social media, be sure to use the #HTMWeek and #IamHTM hashtags. Email your photo to by the end of HTM Week (May 22, 2020).

Promote HTM Week at Your Healthcare Organization and to the Public

Get the word out about the HTM field by setting up a table in your hospital’s lobby. Use that opportunity to promote the essential work of your department to guests, volunteers, patients, and other hospital employees. You can make your table engaging by setting up equipment demos and fun labs for all ages. Educate anyone who stops by about the rewarding career path that HTM offers. And do not forget to use HTM in a Box! Share your event by emailing photos to Gavin Stern at to post online, or post them on social media using the hashtag #IamHTM and #HTMWeek.

HTM Association Outreach Contest

AAMI is hosting a contest to see which HTM Association can make the most impact through HTM outreach. Let’s all work together to spread awareness about our wonderful field. The HTM field is facing a huge workforce shortage and, with the help of the HTM Associations, we can be a solution to this issue. If your HTM Association would like to participate, please email for the contest’s specific rules and requirements. The winning association will be recognized publicly by AAMI and AAMI will sponsor your next association meeting dinner. Contest runs through July 1st.

AAMI will host two informational webinars during HTM Week

  • Precision of Healthcare and the Internet of Things—Tuesday, May 19 from 2–3:00 p.m. ET
    Experts from GE Healthcare will present a session on the future of precision medicine. How will interconnectivity and wireless technology—combined with analytics, cloud, and edge computing—change patient care? What does "applied intelligence" actually mean, and how could it make healthcare cheaper and more efficient?
  • Medical Devices on Your Network: Assessing and Understanding the Risks—Thursday, May 21, 2–3:00 p.m. ET
    Cybersecurity experts from MedSec will explain two topics: 1) Using pre-purchase risk assessments to better assess and manage what is brought onto your network and how to best identify security risk controls, and 2) Information to collect from your vendors and how to interpret it, including MDS2 (Manufacturers Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security), and SBOM (Software Bill of Materials).

HTM Week Resources

2020 AAMI HTM Week Toolkit

HTM Week Toolkit

This handy toolkit contains information and resources for celebrating HTM week in one package.
You can download the toolkit here.

HTM Week Resources

Here you'll find the HTM Week poster, proclamation, and more.  These tools will help you get the festivities started.