AAMI News, June Vol.57, No.6

AAMI News May 2022

The latest from AAMI News in June, including a Focus on the AAMI eXchange.

  • MMC-Cover-Image_sq COVID Dashboard Facilitates Improved Visibility and Use of Respiratory Equipment for Health System
    Initially a hasty week's work in the midst of a global pandemic, a system of dashboards for the Sutter Health eQuip HTM department has proven to be an invaluable tool for aiding department managers, supply chain staff, and device maintenance personnel. Learn more about it in this AAMI Bright Ideas feature.
  • Photo Portrait of Priyanka Shah ECRI Project Engineer Recognized with Young Professional AAMI Award
    Priyanka Shah has been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing her commitment and insights in the health technology field. Shah, a senior project engineer at ECRI in Pennsylvania, was presented with AAMI’s Young Professional Award in June at the AAMI eXchange conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Guru Madhavan headshot National Academy of Engineering Leader Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award
    Guru Madhavan, PhD, has been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing his commitment and leadership in the health technology field. Madhavan, a Norman R. Augustine Senior Scholar & Senior Director of Programs at the National Academy of Engineering, was presented with the Laufman-Greatbatch Award in June at the AAMI eXchange conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Photo portrait of Samantha Jacques McLaren Health Leader Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award
    Samantha Jacques, PhD has been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing her commitment and insights in the health technology field. Jacques, vice president of Clinical Engineering at McLaren Health Care in Michigan, was presented with the John D. Hughes Iconoclast award in June at the AAMI eXchange conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Christian Dameff headshot UCSD Medical Director of Cybersecurity Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award ​
    Christian Dameff, MD, has been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing his commitment and insights in the health technology field. Please join us in congratulating this Cybersecurity Visionary. 
  • Shared headshot of Scott Kopp and Nick Muhlenbruch Veterans Affairs Engineers Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award
    Scott Kopp and Nick Muhlenbruch have been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing their commitment and insights in the health technology field. The two biomedical engineers serving the Office of Healthcare Technology Management, Department of Veterans Affairs have received the AAMI & Becton Dickinson's Patient Safety Award.
  • Priyanka-Upendra---Headshot Asimily Leader Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award
    Priyanka Upendra, senior director of Customer Success at Asimily, has been honored with the 2022 HTM Leadership Award, recognizing her commitment and insights in the health technology field.
  • Trabue Bryans headshot BryKor LLC President Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award
    Trabue D. Bryans, has been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing her commitment and insights in the health technology field. Bryans, the President of BryKor LLC in Georgia, was presented with the Spirit of AAMI award in June at the AAMI eXchange conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Lee Chamberlain Headshot CommonSpirit Health Specialist Recognized With 2022 AAMI Award
    Richard Lee Chamberlain has been honored with a 2022 AAMI award, recognizing his commitment and insights in the health technology field. Chamberlain, a field service specialist at CommonSpirit Health in Kentucky, was presented with the AAMI & GE Healthcare BMET of the Year Award in June at the AAMI eXchange conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • MedicalDevices_189577923_sq New Report Finds U.S. Product Recalls Now Highest in Ten Years
    A report published in late May by Sedgwick, a provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits, and integrated business solutions, found that 900 million consumer products including medical devices units were recalled in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2022.
  • Apple-WWDC22-watchOS-9-iPhone13Pro-AFib-History-220606 Apple Watches Have Two New FDA-Cleared Health Applications
    <a href="https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfpmn/pmn.cfm?ID=K213971">Apple&nbsp;received 510(k) clearance</a>&nbsp;from the U.S. FDA for two new apps allowing users of Apple watch wearables to track&nbsp;signs of atrial fibrillation and symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
  • AI_Human_Hands_Brain_Network_214469252 How to Find and Manage Artificial Intelligence in Your Facility
    Note to HTM professionals: You want to be able to find AI/ML “in the wild” and understand how it differs from (almost) anything else you manage. At AAMI eXchange 2022, Erin Sparnon, senior engineering manager of device evaluation at ECRI, explained how, once you know what it is, HTM expertise will still serve you well in managing this enigmatic technology.&nbsp;
  • Connections_network_tiered_huddle_sq HTM Team’s Tiered Huddles Drive Better Accountability at Medical Center
    It all started with a huddle... the&nbsp;<em>right</em>&nbsp;huddle.&nbsp;In this Bright Ideas feature, CBET Jessyka Wright describes how her former HTM team at UC Medical Center leveraged "an opportunity to improve communications" to the fullest, improving not only emergency response speed, but also inter-departmental awareness.
  • Jacqueline Bailey, Laboratory Specialist, Crothall Healthcare HTM Leader Harmonizes with 13485 in Recertification, Acquisition
    The Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) operating division of Crothall Healthcare has received ISO 13485: 2016 recertification just after acquiring NY-based ABM services,&nbsp;&nbsp;further standardizing and harmonizing HTM services across U.S. states.
  • 20220623_KiiP_sq Kilmer Innovations in Packaging Group Calls for Members/Next Steps
    Attendees at the AAMI eXchange 2022 were treated to a special look at the humble origins of the Kilmer Innovations in Packaging Group (KiiP). Today, the group is influencing major standards development and has launched several ongoing studies. Find out how you can get involved.
  • CoreaMaintainsAMedicalDevice_sq Halfway Across the World, an Engineer Finds His HTM Calling
    The government of Nicaragua had ordered all public hospitals to refuse treatment for anti-government protestors. The Villavicencio Corea family's hospital continued to treat anyone in need. By June, it was no longer safe to stay in the home and hospital they knew and loved... Years later, their son has found his calling in HTM. A World Refugee Day special feature.
  • Doctors prepare a hospital patient for endoscopy Your SPD Needs Dedicated Endoscope Staff, Urges ST91 Co-chair
    If you or your loved ones are being driven somewhere, you want to make sure that person behind the wheel is trained to drive, right? It should be the same for the reprocessing important and complex medical devices, such as endoscopes, says&nbsp;Garland-Rhea Grisby, co-chair of the working group that authored ST91: 2021.
  • Hawkins_HTM_Father_and_Son_sq It’s Not Your Father's HTM... Unless Your Mentor is Your Father ​
    For Bryant K. Hawkins, Sr., and his son, Bryant K. Hawkins, Jr., healthcare technology management isn’t just a career. It’s the family business. And while the HTM of the past and the HTM of today are certainly not the same, this father and son share a passion for the rewarding field.
  • PatientMonitor_AI_170598426_sq Moving Ahead of the Pack: Understanding Health System Priorities on AI-Enabled Clinical Decision Support
    AI vendors should be mindful of the diverging priorities of health systems, the influence of payment models, and how to distinguish their offerings from the crowd of AI products, a trio of experts explain in this&nbsp;<strong><em>COLLECTIVE LEARNING ON AI/ML</em></strong>&nbsp;feature.
  • SurgicalInstruments_181682836_sq AAMI ST98: The First Cleaning Validation Standard for Medical Device Manufacturers
    Nupur Jain,&nbsp;director of sterility assurance and reprocessing at Intuitive,&nbsp;provides an overview of the cleaning requirements described in the soon-to-be-published American National Standard, AAMI ST98 in this Sterilization Central feature.
  • Mike Kritzman and Monte Gonzalez present to the Gators during the AAMI eXchange 2022 Gator Tank event Gator Tank Winners Aim to Reinvent BMET Talent Management
    What does it take to survive the Gator Tank at AAMI eXchange?&nbsp;Mike Kritzman,&nbsp;founder and CEO of SkillNet, and&nbsp;Monte Gonzalez,&nbsp;president of the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology, introduced a buzzworthy idea: "it's time to retire the spreadsheet."
  • Derreck-Kayongo-Main-Stage-1_sq On the Main Stage: How an Entrepreneurial Spark—and a Lot of Soap—Is Saving Lives Around the World
    <p>In Uganda, mothers and babies die unnecessarily due to poor hygienic practices. Meanwhile, in the US alone, over 800,000,000 bars of soap are thrown away every year. “Rather than complain about how wasteful this is—I started a business!” said Derreck Kayongo, the Sunday Min Stage speaker for AAMI eXchange 2022.</p>
  • VirtualRealityHeadset2_sq HTM Educators Take Note: VR Learning Could Jumpstart Your Program
    AAMI Fellow James Linton, is a coordinator and professor for St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario. During eXchange 2022, he and St. Clair colleague Jim Durocher presented their<em>&nbsp;Lessons Learned from Extended Reality Training</em>, reflecting on more than five years of applying virtual reality and extended reality technologies in biology and HTM education.
  • A computer screen reflects onto glasses. Medical Device Cybersecurity Hygiene for Frontline Professionals
    What errors render a medical device vulnerable to cybersecurity threats? This was the central query of the AAMI eXchange session “Medical Device Cybersecurity Hygiene for Frontline Professionals,” presented by cybersecurity experts Steve Grimes and Axel Wirth.&nbsp;
  • AAMIeXchange2022MainStage_sq Focus on the Future: “HTM, I See You”
    “HTM, I see you,” said AAMI President and CEO Pamela Arora in the Opening Keynote at the AAMI eXchange in San Antonio, Texas. Arora shared her personal story and interviewed a star-studded cast of professionals for the event's Saturday main stage event.
  • VirtualRealityHeadset_sq Exploring Virtual Reality for Clinical Education, Patient Therapy
    Virtual reality is not just for fun and games. Banner Health created a 360-degree virtual reality simulation to train clinicians to treat patients with obstetric hemorrhage, which is a leading cause of maternal death. It's just one example of applying VR that the health organization showcased at AAMI eXchange 2022.
  • Versius-bedside_sq Is Your SPD Prepared to Reprocess Robotic Instruments
    Are robotic instruments, endoscopes, and associated ES cables hard to reprocess? No. But they do require special attention, which could make it difficult to fit them into your current SSD process, says&nbsp;Stuart White of&nbsp;CMR Surgical during AAMI eXchange 2022.