Healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals work in a variety of areas, have a number of job titles, and come from diverse backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common—a passion to make healthcare technology the very best it can be. Learn more about some of these unsung heroes who are making a difference in their organizations in our ongoing #IamHTM social media series.

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 Kevin Hera IamHTM

Kevin Hera

“Having the capability to transform patient’s lives by ensuring our healthcare technology uptime is in the highest percentile makes HTM such a gratifying field. The HTM wave is coming, so get your surf boards ready!”

Kevin Hera, associate technology manager, TriMedX

 Kavitha Subramanian IamHTM -2

Kavitha Subramanian 

"Patients, doctors, and support staff depend on healthcare technology for the best results. We’re at the forefront of ensuring equipment is up to date, properly set up, and validated periodically.”

Kavitha Subramanian, biomedical equipment technician at Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center

 Ericka Jones IamHTM

Ericka Jones

“Healthcare Technology management allows me to use my natural gifts of attention to detail, problem solving, and compassion for others in a meaningful and rewarding way.”

Ericka Jones, biomedical engineer, The Christ Hospital Health Network

 Lucas Lanie IamHTM

Lucas Lanie

"Every day in healthcare technology management is a new experience. Being fresh out of college, I’m driven to learn as much as I can to be one of the top elites in my field."

Lucas Lanie, BMET/Clinical Engineer I at Franciscan Health Munster

 Kollman and Snyder IamHTM

Vickie Snyder and Luvenia Kollman

“I hired Luvenia (Holly) Kollman right out of technical college. She’s a tenacious, driven person who’s going to school, working as a consultant, volunteering with a medical missions group, and raising four kids.”

Vickie Snyder, HTM national project manager, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

 Lee Brothers IamHTM

Gerceia and Morlon Lee

“Healthcare technology management is the nuts and bolts of healthcare. The HTM field allows us to make a positive impact on patient care through our work on medical equipment.”

—Brothers Gerceia and Morlon Lee, biomedical technicians at Children's of Alabama

 Dorena Hann IamHTM

Dorena Hann

“I was introduced to healthcare technology management by the Army. I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and putting them back together again. Over the years, I’ve found that my job also satisfies my desire to help people.”

Dorena Hann, associate biomed, Saint Luke's Health System

 Eben Kermit IamHTM

Eben Kermit

“I enjoy working with my teammates to help design new care areas to enable our physicians, nurses, and staff to use diagnostic and therapeutic devices for patient care.”

Eben Kermit, biomed supervisor, Stanford Health Care

 Sam Wright IamHTM

Sam Wright

“I fell into the healthcare technology management field when I joined the U.S Air Force in 1982. I started at the bottom and have had the privilege to work in every aspect of the field. Today, I’m excited to help technicians grow.”

Sam Wright, HTM operations manager, SSM Health

 Tom Johnson IamHTM

Tom Johnson

"38 years ago, I found healthcare technology management as a career. With the pace of advancements in electronics, computer science, the health sciences, and mechanical engineering, there's never a dull moment."

Tom Johnson, HTM lab services technician III, Mayo Clinic

 Lori Clifford IamHTM

Lori Clifford

“Whether one is learning medical device service/calibration/repair, studying for ACI certifications, or attending service training, the options for career advancement in healthcare technology management are endless and rewarding.”

Lori Clifford, PhD, CBET, and area manager for Renovo Solutions at CMH Regional Health System, Clinton Memorial Hospital

 Mat Jones IamHTM

Mat Jones

“I thrive in the fast-paced nature of #healthcare #technology management. It’s my priority that end-user’s workflow and experience is as seamless as the device’s data integration.”

Mat Jones, medical device security specialist at Intermountain Healthcare

 Samantha Jacques IamHTM

Samantha Jacques

"I thrive working at the intersection of healthcare technology, IT, and clinical workflows. Healthcare technology management (HTM) is an exciting field where every day brings new opportunities."

Samantha Jacques, clinical engineering director, Penn State University Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

 Leslie McGovern IamHTM

Leslie McGovern

“When clinicians have the right equipment available, when they need it, and operating seamlessly across all available interfaces, I have done my job.”

Leslie McGovern, clinical engineering site director, Northwest Community Hospital / Healthcare, Sodexo USA

 Michael Mitchell IamHTM

Michael Mitchell

“The equipment I work on (MRIs, X-rays) saves lives through the early detection of medical conditions. I strive to increase performance and reliability while reducing downtime, so patients get faster test results.”

Michael Mitchell, imaging specialist, Mayo Clinic

 Daniel Clesi IamHTM

Daniel Clesi

“On a given day, you might design a new clinical system, conduct a technical consultation, perform data analytics, put a hard-hat on, reinforce cybersecurity frameworks … the list goes on! There is always opportunity for growth in healthcare technology management."

Daniel Clesi, TCF biomedical engineer, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

 Theresa Heitchler IamHTM

Theresa Heitchler

"It's exciting to take equipment apart, see how it works, and repair it. Now, as a manager, I enjoy growing technicians to take ownership of healthcare technology that is so vital to patients in our communities."

Theresa Heitchler, biomed supervisor with Renovo Solutions, Hoag Memorial Hospital

 Steven Helms IamHTM

Steven Helms

“#IamHTM because I provide quality repair on equipment that monitors and keeps people safe, while also keeping the laughter and goofiness alive on the job.”

Steven Helms, biomedical technician lab manager at MedRepair Rx

 Angela Walker IamHTM

Angela Walker

"I love working in HTM because, by maintaining the equipment, I’m contributing to our patients' quality of life.”

Angela Walker, BMET I at St Frances Cabrini Hospital (CHRISTUS Health, Crothall Healthcare)

 Heidi Horn IamHTM

Heidi Horn

“I stumbled upon the HTM field quite by accident—and found my calling to help people—in my 30s. I may not be standing at the bedside with patients, but the medical equipment we support is just as critical to quality patient care as caregivers.”

Heidi E. Horn, vice president of healthcare technology management at SSM Health

 Fernanda Zamudio IamHTM

Fernanda Zamudio

“Naturally inclined to help others, I found healthcare technology management to be a cornerstone in providing the tools needed to provide exceptional healthcare. My job enables me to be both analytical and compassionate, both skills that are necessary for the betterment of healthcare.”

Fernanda Zamudio, senior biomedical equipment technician for Aramark at CalvertHealth Medical Center

 Samantha Herold - IamHTM

Samantha Herold

"Much like the backstage personnel at a rock concert, healthcare technology managers ensure medical equipment is ready for showtime: when our clinicians need it for our patients. I'm proud that all the planning, implementing, and innovation I develop creates a safer, healing environment for our patients."

Samantha Herold, clinical imaging and integrations engineer, Yale New Haven Hospital

 Edward Reyes IamHTM

Edward Reyes

"Our work contributes to saving lives by ensuring all medical equipment is safe for patient care. And as technology changes, so do we. I’m always learning, growing, and cross-training others."

Edward Reyes, biomedical equipment engineer III at Florida Hospital

 Octavia Fuller IamHTM

Octavia Fuller

“I treat every piece of equipment that I service as if it’s going to be used on my family members. Knowing that I contributed to each patient leaving our facility healthy is my daily victory as a biomedical technician.”

Octavia Fuller, GE Healthcare St. Mary's Regional Medical Center


Priyanka Upendra

"I enjoy going above and beyond to solve problems, constantly learn, and push myself. Being an HTM professional allows me to do all that, work with diverse personalities and environments, and be part of the chain that helps patients."

Priyanka Upendra, compliance program director of technology management/ENTECH at Banner Health

Jaspreet Mankoo

Jaspreet Mankoo

“Giving back and being of service to others resonates with me as a member of the Sikh religion, and it drives me professionally to help care for our veterans."

Jaspreet Mankoo, supervisory clinical engineer, VA Boston Healthcare System, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Wesley Reid

Wesley Reid

“The lives and health of others depend on our knowledge, skill, and thoroughness. This is and always will be my reason for being a part of healthcare technology management.”

Master Sergeant Wesley Reid, U.S. Army service lead and CBET/CHTM at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) METC BMET Program


Alyssa Merkle

“We are the problem solvers. Every day is a new challenge—I love thinking through ways to fix these issues with my team!”

Alyssa Merkle, biomedical engineering manager at Brigham and Women's Hospital (Faulkner) with Aramark Healthcare

Dean Skillicorn

Dean Skillicorn

"My daughter Jessica, who was born with five congenital birth defects, is why I work as an HTM professional—to ensure an environment of patient safety and access exists in healthcare for all."

Dean Skillicorn, service product manager at Philips Healthcare