AAMI & Becton Dickinson's Patient Safety Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievements by healthcare professionals who have made a significant advancement toward the improvement of patient safety.

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • Dedication to improving the quality of healthcare and patient safety.
  • Current and direct involvement with a specific safety initiative to improve the safety of clinical technology or its use in healthcare.
  • A commitment to patient safety by writing articles, participating in committees, and/or speaking at educational events on patient safety-related topics involving technology.

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • Examples of their projects that were implemented to improve clinician technology challenges, thus supporting overall improvement in patient care.
  • Leadership in advancing the quality of healthcare and patient safety in their own organizations.
  • Involvement in supporting improvements to patient safety by participating in national, state or local patient safety organizations or programs. (eg, speaker, author, dissemination of best practices).
  • Special recognition by their employer for contributions to patient safety.

Nominators may submit evidence of activities relevant to this award and to the candidate's achievements.

This award includes a plaque and a $1,500 check to be presented at the 2020 AAMI Exchange in New Orleans, LA.

The deadline for 2020 nominations is January 17, 2020. To submit a nomination, fill out this online form

For more information, contact awards@aami.org.

AAMI & Becton Dickinson's Patient Safety Award Winners

  • 2019 - Shelly Crisler, CCE and Katrina Jacobs, CCE
  • 2018 – Frank Overdyk, MSEE, MD
  • 2017 – Michael R. Cohen, RPh, MS, ScD (hon.), DPS (hon.)
  • 2016 – Maria Cvach, RN, MS, CCRN, DNP
  • 2015 – HumanEra Project, University Health Network, University of Toronto
  • 2014 – Mark E. Bruley, CCE
  • 2013 – San Diego Patient Safety Council
  • 2012 – Karen Giuliano, RN, PhD, MBA
  • 2011 – Bryce Rutter, PhD
  • 2010 – Tomasz Tkaczyk, PhD
  • 2009 – Guruprasad Madhavan, PhD
  • 2008 – Ronald S. Newbower, PhD
  • 2007 – Marvin Shepherd, PE
  • 2006 – A. Ray Dalton
  • 2005 – Rebekah Drezek, PhD
  • 2004 – Vinay Shah, MD
  • 2003 – Becki E. Harter
  • 2002 – John W. Gosbee, MD
  • 2001 – Jeffrey I. Joseph, DO
  • 2000 – Rabih O. Darouiche, MD
  • 1999 – John D. Hughes, Jr.
  • 1997 – Suresh Gurunathan
  • 1996 – Arun Gulani, MD
  • 1995 – Ira Tackel, CCE
  • 1994 – Deborah Burstein, PhD
  • 1993 – Dwight Nishimura, PhD
  • 1992 – Rebecca Richards-Kortum, PhD
  • 1991 – Neal E. Fearnot, PhD
  • 1990 – Michael J. Kallok, PhD
  • 1989 – George Kondraske, PhD
  • 1988 – Kenneth R. Hogstrom, PhD
  • 1986 – Donna Bourgelais
  • 1985 – Stephen C. Jacobsen
  • 1984 – Robert A. Kruger, PhD
  • 1983 – Perry J. Blackshear, MD
  • 1982 – William D. Ensminger, MD, PhD
  • 1981 – Anthony M. Albisser, PhD
  • 1980 – Deane B. Jacques, MD
  • 1979 – Dwayne R. Westenskow, PhD
  • 1980 – William Schuler Pierce, MD



2019 Award Recipient

AAMI & Becton Dickinson’s 2019 Patient Safety Award was presented to Shelly Crisler and Katrina Jacobs for their efforts to enhance the quality and safety of care provided to patients within the VA health system. Crisler and Jacobs serve as expert consultants to the entire VA community on medical equipment incident investigation, risk assessment, root cause analysis, healthcare failure mode and effects analysis, and human factors design, providing training on these topics to field personnel. They redesigned the VA’s management system for medical equipment safety recalls and advisories, and routinely liaise with equipment manufacturers to improve device design and operations, especially with respect to safety and human factors. Most recently, the duo developed the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA’s) Medical Device Incident Investigation Guidebook in collaboration with the Office of HTM. The guidebook, which was published in August 2018, is intended to ensure that VHA personnel can organize an effective rapid response to any medical device incident, preserve evidence, and capture detailed information so appropriate action can be taken to improve patient safety across the health system.

For more information, contact awards@aami.org.