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About ACI Certification

The AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI) awards certification credentials to professionals in healthcare technology and the sterilization industry. Over the years, AAMI has certified more than 9,200 professionals in close to 40 countries.

As healthcare becomes more complex, certification is one way to demonstrate and showcase competencies. It strengthens the public confidence in safer healthcare systems. Professionals seek certification as a way of:

  • Demonstrating their accomplishmentsACI Certification Brochure

  • Advancing their careers

  • Validating experience in core competencies

Certification helps to highlight a professional's ability to provide quality and trustworthy service.


 ACI Certification Brochure   

Certifications Available for HTM Professionals

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Certifications Available for Industry Professionals
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Online CBET Study Course |  April 6-29, 2020 

Join the 8 session CBET Study Course that will be held every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7:00PM-9:00PM Eastern starting Monday, April 6th and ending Wednesday, April 29th.  These intensive online sessions will cover each area of the CBET exam outline, including anatomy and physiology; public safety in the healthcare facility; fundamentals of electricity and electronics; healthcare technology and function; healthcare technology problem-solving; and healthcare information technology.  

Register for AAMI's Online CBET Study Course today!


ACI 100 Seal

100% Team Certified Award

ACI is now recognizing shops who value certification and make it a requirement for all eligible technicians. Is your shop full of ACI certified BMETs?  Lean more about the award and application process by clicking the gold seal!

Important Facts

  • AAMI membership is not a prerequisite for certification.

  • Achieving certification does not constitute AAMI membership.

  • ACI does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, marital status, or physical disabilities.

  • ACI understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflict of interest, and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities.


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