Resources from the AAMI Foundation's National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety

The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on Clinical Alarm Safety, which began in 2014, required hospitals to establish alarm safety as an organizational priority and to identify the most important alarms to manage based on their own internal assessment of needs. All resources published by the AAMI Foundation on these issues are still available at no cost to assist you on their website.

The AAMI Foundation has published several resources to assist you! Here are two of them:

Use of Middleware in Alarm Management: Ancillary Notification and Obtaining Alarm Data

In this online patient safety seminar, five industry experts discuss the key features of an alarm integration system: prioritization, escalation, and reporting. In particular, they talk about the middleware which is the software used to communicate and manage data in distributed application.

ePOD (Early Predictor of Deterioration)

“People die unnecessarily every single day in our hospitals. The goal is to respond to a ‘spark’ before it becomes a forest fire.” – 2005 Institute for Healthcare Improvement

In this 2016 online patient safety seminar, Kathy Simpson, Kathryn Kuttler, and R. Scott Evans of Intermountain Healthcare address the factors regarding “failure to rescue” patient deaths, including