National Coalition to Promote the Safe Use of Complex Healthcare Technology

This AAMI Foundation Coalition addresses the challenges associated with introducing complex healthcare technology to clinicians, including:

  • Limited time for training based on competing priorities
  • Lack of standardization for assessing competency
  • Human factors issues with the technology
  • Growing number of complex devices as technology evolves.

We believe that bringing together the right people from across the healthcare and medical device community is the best way to address the complicated challenges that hospitals and clinicians face today. Although all of our patient safety initiatives to date have been challenging, this particular initiative will be even more so because it involves so many stakeholders inside and outside the walls of the hospital. However, all stakeholders must join this effort because as devices become increasingly complex, the probability that clinicians will lack some vital knowledge of when, why, or how to use these products with patients grows, and positive patient outcomes are at risk.

Identified focus for two-year initiative

  1. Best Practices for selecting and purchasing complex technology
    ♦ Create tool kit

  2. Best Practices for educating and training for the use of complex technology
    ♦ Provide guidance to hospitals to help them determine which technologies to focus on first, i.e. which cause the most adverse events in their facilities.
    ♦ Identify models—manufacturer/hospital partnerships, content management, examples of high performing organizations.

  3. Best Practices for establishing minimal levels of proficiency and for assessing that proficiency
    ♦ Identify critical elements for assessment and how the assessment can be measured

  4.  Business Case
    ♦ Build the case for allocating financial resources to improve how clinicians are prepared for safe use of complex technologies, highlighting patient safety financing the initiative
    ♦ Create ROI template and identify data sources to help frame discussion

  5. Design and Development Considerations
    ♦ Develop ongoing discussions regarding what the design and development of products may look like and what the impact of end users may be.
    ♦ Create information on Universal Design Concepts and other proven tools to help address what concepts of design should be included. 
    ♦ Provide a tool set for having discussions with manufacturer partners about existing fleet support, upgrades and product development.


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The work of the AAMI Foundation National Coalition to Promote the Safe Use of Complex Healthcare Technology is intended to be a helpful resource for healthcare delivery organizations, so that every organization can have a useful set of tools to help improve clinician training programs. It does not constitute legal, regulatory, operational, or procedural advice, nor does it constitute a standard of care. It is essential that each healthcare delivery organization assess the material in the context of its own organizational needs, culture, technology, and priorities.



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