National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety

The Unique Goal

Through its initiatives to address alarm fatigue, and to improve alarm management, the Foundation interacts with hospitals that are making significant progress in addressing The Joint Commission’s (TJC) National Patient Safety Goal (NSPG) on alarm management.

This coalition brings together stakeholders to share what they have learned, build synergies, and create common ground where default parameters that should be set, and on other strategies to improve alarm management.  Members of the coalition include 25 of the nation’s hospitals that are well-along on the "alarm-system-management road"; industry; the FDA; TJC; and professional societies.

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2015 Alarm Compendium

Papers Expanding on Alarm Compendium Recommendations


The work of the AAMI Foundation National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety is intended to be a helpful resource for healthcare delivery organizations, so that every organization does not have to reinvent the wheel or start their alarm management work from scratch. It does not constitute legal, regulatory, operational, or procedural advice, nor does it constitute a standard of care. It is essential that each healthcare delivery organization assess the material in the context of its own organizational needs, culture, technology, and priorities.


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