HTM Week Video Contest

Use an AAMI-produced music track made of medical device sounds to make your video.

HTM Week will feature a new contest in 2019—the HTM Week Video Contest! To participate, film a creative video to show how fun the healthcare technology management field is using an AAMI-produced music track made entirely of medical device sounds.

Step 1: Download one of three possible music tracks to use in your video:

Step 2: Film your HTM video—and have fun! Your submission should be no longer than the length of the sound clip.

Step 3: Post your video online using YouTube, Vimeo, or another service, and email the link to by May 14. Remember to use the #IamHTM hashtag in your social media posts.

Videos should be focused on promoting the HTM field and should not be an advertisement for any vendor, specific medical device or push any political views. The winners will be announced during HTM Week on Friday, May 24. Gift cards will be awarded for the top HTM department videos for first ($400), second ($200), and third ($100) place.

For any questions about this contest, email Gavin Stern, AAMI senior editor, at