Effective March 13, AAMI is transitioning all in-person training courses scheduled through April 30, 2020, to a virtual format. For updates, visit www.aami.org/coronavirus.

Healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals are vital members of any world-class healthcare delivery team. Clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, and other highly skilled professionals use their expertise to ensure the safety, efficacy, and availability of life-saving healthcare technologies, while keeping healthcare costs down.


CBET Study Course

This 8-session online study course will cover each of the CBET exam's topic areas in depth by a seasoned expert in the field.  The sessions will include anatomy and physiology; public safety in the healthcare facility; fundamentals of electricity and electronics; healthcare technology and function; healthcare technology problem-solving; and healthcare information technology.  Each of the 2-hour sessions will be recorded and made available to all registrants. 

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