Build Your Case

Below are practical tips for sharing the value of this event with your supervisor to justify your attendance.

1. Directly connect your professional development and your organization’s goals to AAMI Exchange education.

  • Review the AAMI Exchange education program and choose specific sessions that best meet your goals. Share this and the 2019 registration form with your supervisor.
  • If you are applying for or maintaining your ACI certification, communicate that this event will allow you to earn CEUs.

2. Emphasize how your entire organization will benefit from your attendance.

  • Consider what you can do to involve your team members to maximize your organization’s return on investment.
  • Customize AAMI’s sample action plan to a) track all of the knowledge resources you will acquire and b) identify how you will directly apply the information to your role.
  • Ask your colleagues about their emerging needs. Visit the Exhibit Hall to bring back contacts and information on products and services that can save you and your team valuable time and money.
  • Share speaker handouts with your colleagues and hold a lunch and learn to dissect the new or applicable concepts.
  • Volunteer to present on key conference themes and/or host a Q&A with your department.

3. Provide the conference information and cost considerations in one place.

  • Customize our justification letter which summarizes how the Exchange will help you advance your professional development, make valuable networking connections, and improve your organization.
  • Customize the communication to break down the specific costs.