The AAMI Foundation

The AAMI Foundation’s primary mission is to serve public welfare and improve patient safety by fostering support and recognition for the advancement of medical technology management. It does this through the work of safety initiatives, the distribution of scholarships to students, global outreach initiatives, and awards for excellence.

Activity Report 2015

By working together, we achieved a great deal to improve patient safety with healthcare technology and are thrilled to share with you the AAMI Foundation's Activity Report for 2015. These achievements are a testament to the hard work and talents of our volunteers who are committed to ensuring the safety of all patients. In addition to the commitment of our enthusiastic volunteers, the Foundation’s committees and initiatives move forward because of the generosity of our industry partners and individual donors. Learn more.

Patient Safety Initiatives

The Foundation's Patient Safety Initiatives involve a diverse group of stakeholders focused on a common vision, “Safe adoption and safe use of healthcare technology.” These initiatives bring together the healthcare community, consumers, regulators, and industry partners to address and solve complex patient-safety issues that focus on clinical alarms, infusion-therapy safety, safe use of ventilators, and technologies used in the home. Learn more.

Awards for Excellence

The AAMI Foundation also recognizes individuals for their extraordinary role in improving public health care safety. The AAMI Foundation Awards recognize career achievement as well as superior work in medical instrumentation development, research, and applications, including engineering and related service. Learn more.

Miller Scholarship Program

This program awards scholarships to students aspiring to become biomedical equipment technicians and clinical engineers. Learn more.

Dwight E. Harken, MD Memorial Lecture

In honor of Dr. Dwight D. Harken, the father of heart surgery and creator of intensive care units, this lecture is given each year at the Annual Conference and Expo and features a healthcare technology leader.

BMET Training in Low-Resource Countries

A report prepared for the GE Foundation and the AAMI Foundation says that developing countries are in dire need of skilled biomedical equipment technicians and urges the healthcare technology community to come together to make that happen. The report BMETs in Low-Resource Countries summarizes a two-day meeting in June 2015 in which a wide variety of stakeholders joined forces to discuss how best to address this challenge. Another report expected in October will lay out specific recommendations for a scalable, replicable, and sustainable training model.