The Mary K. Logan Research Awards

The AAMI Foundation supports research directed toward enhancing the safe adoption and safe use of healthcare technology. The objective is to stimulate and fund studies that will clearly improve patient safety and help to eliminate mortality and morbidity problems associated with healthcare technology. The awards are named after Mary K. Logan, AAMI’s former president and CEO who championed the patient safety initiatives of the AAMI Foundation.

Call for Proposals

There will be one or more awards with the total of all awards not to exceed $80,000 in 2017. The deadline to submit a proposal is February 10, 2017.  Proposals should reflect studies to achieve one or all of the following:

  • Yield results that directly increase patient safety, improve patient outcomes, and/or decrease incidence or severity of complications, morbidity, or mortality. 
  • Apply broadly to large numbers of patients and that promise improved methods of patient safety with a defined and direct path to implementation into clinical care.  
  • Develop innovative methods of education and training to improve patient safety. 
  • Standardize clinical care protocols to improve patient safety.
  • Develop innovative methods for the study of low-frequency events.
  • Measure the cost effectiveness of techniques designed to increase patient safety.
  • Measure the patient-outcome effectiveness of techniques designed to increase patient safety.

Review and Announcement of Finalists 

Members of the AAMI Foundation Research Review Committee (RRC) will evaluate the submissions. Principal Investigators of submissions that are highly rated, but have some mild to moderate deficiencies, may be asked to make adjustments prior to the final review meeting of the RRC.

Investigators will be notified of the final status of their submissions by June 23, 2017. The RRC will provide a very brief critique of submissions not selected for funding.  

For more information, please contact  Marilyn Flack, executive director of the AAMI Foundation, at

More Information


  • All materials must be received by the AAMI Foundation no later than 5 p.m. EST February 10, 2017.

  • Late submissions will not be accepted.

  • Each application must be submitted to Marilyn Flack, executive director of the AAMI Foundation, at