Home Health Infusion Initiative

The AAMI/FDA Summit on Healthcare Technology in Nonclinical Settings highlighted the need to map out the complex process of moving healthcare technology from the hospital to the home.

The AAMI Foundation will meet this need by focusing on short-term and long-term infusion therapy to:

  • Understand the hospital-to-home landscape as it relates to the technology, the various stakeholders, and the current process
  • Compare and contrast the current state to the ideal state (according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Joint Commission, the FDA and others)
  • Identify and develop strategies to mitigate risk, improve patient safety, and close the gaps between the current state and the ideal state

This project is narrow in scope and intended to serve as a pilot in order to identify gaps and opportunities that could then be applied to other healthcare technology moving from clinical to nonclinical settings.


 1. Report and Process Map

  • The current state of home health infusion
  • Relevant rules/regulations
  • Responsibilities of involved stakeholders (prescribing physicians, pharmacists, home health providers/nurses, device manufacturers, patients, family members, payers, etc.)
  • Strategies to bridge the gap between the current state and regulatory expectations/the ideal state
  • Development of metrics and identification of factors that could contribute to outcomes
  • Recommended areas for leading practices, further research, checklists, etc.
  • Use of final product to create similar maps for other healthcare technology in the home

2. Patient Seminars

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Industry Partnership Opportunity

This program offers industry, working collaboratively with numerous stakeholders, the opportunity to be part of the solution of improving healthcare in the home.  It offers a tailored approach to exposure and access to ensure each company or organization is appropriately recognized for their participation and contribution—as well as a comprehensive approach to collaborating and aligning with the AAMI Foundation. If interested, please contact AAMI Foundation Director Marilyn Neder Flack at mflack@aami.org.

The work of the AAMI Foundation Home Health Infusion Initiative is intended to be a helpful resource for healthcare delivery organizations, so that every organization does not have to reinvent the wheel or start their home infusion therapy safety work from scratch. It does not constitute legal, regulatory, operational, or procedural advice, nor does it constitute a standard of care. It is essential that each healthcare delivery organization assess the material in the context of its own organizational needs, culture, technology, and priorities.

Home Healthcare Summit Report 2013

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