Now Available for Pre-order: The New ANSI/AAMI ST79

Advance patient safety with the landmark guide for the entire steam sterilization process!

ST79 is the go-to reference for steam sterilization in all healthcare facilities, regardless of sterilizer or facility size. Developed by sterilization and manufacturing professionals ST79:2017 helps you to:

  • Ensure safety at every step for processing medical devices
  • Assure continuous maintenance and proper sterilization practices of processed items across multiple facility departments (i.e., OR, ER)
  • Understand the complete lifecycle of sterilization processing—from managing temperature and humidity to processes for the decontamination area
  • Substantiate the need for equipment upgrades to meet federal guidelines that reduce potential citations
  • Stay in compliance with the latest industry standards and regulatory bodies like The Joint Commission
  • Support the delivery of properly processed medical devices critical to optimizing patients’ health
  • Guide personnel toward desirable performance objectives

The new ST79 is easier to reference as it’s been reorganized into topical groupings and provides the flexibility for facilities to determine certain criteria based on their concerns.

NOTE: ST79 is in final production and will ship shortly. Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted with preorders, and will be charged at the time of purchase.Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted with pre-orders, and will be charged at the time of purchase.  When ST79:2017 is fully released, it will be available in all three formats: print, PDF, and eSubscription. To be notified when the PDF and eSubscription products are available, please complete the form at

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