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Featured Issue–Connecting the Dots: The Value of Systems Engineering in Healthcare Technology

2014 Fall HorizonsA fundamental change is unfolding in how hospitals and other healthcare facilities function, thanks to the introduction of systems engineering principles. Systems thinking in healthcare reflects an appreciation for the interconnected and interdependent relationship of medical devices, technology, and individuals. Experts believe that adopting a systems approach in healthcare will enhance patient safety, reduce costs for healthcare facilities, and make operations more efficient.

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Horizons: Call for Papers

Horizons: Risk Assessment in Healthcare Technology

No medical device is completely without risk, and comprehensive risk assessment is essential to determining whether the benefits of a given product outweigh the risks to patients—especially in an increasingly connected healthcare environment. How is risk considered during the development and design of a medical device? How is risk assessed by regulators? How is risk managed in a healthcare facility? On a broader scale, complex hospital-wide infrastructure, such as patient monitoring systems and electronic health records, pose a greater challenge to ensuring that controls are in place to maintain an acceptable level of risk. In addition, the increased use of wireless technology such as Wi-Fi has brought with it issues such as interference, security, and lower levels of reliability compared with wired networks.

AAMI will devote its spring 2015 edition of its award-winning supplement Horizons to the topic of risk assessment in healthcare technology. The contents of Horizons are indexed and searchable on various healthcare and scientific databases, including PubMed.

AAMI welcomes papers on topics related to risk assessment in healthcare technology—whether from clinical and biomedical engineers, clinicians, medical device manufacturers, regulators, academics, or patient safety advocates. Submission categories might include the following:

  • Research articles based on scientific method or scholarly investigation
  • Systematic reviews reflecting critical research on risk management
  • Case studies describing valuable experiences or practice innovations
  • Tools-based papers detailing emerging methods, measures, and instruments
  • Commentaries expressing informed opinions about events, trends, and/or developments

Important dates and reminders for authors
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  • Please note our vendor policy: Overly commercial or promotional articles will not be pursued.
  • Initial manuscript submissions of 2,000 words or less will be due by Nov. 14, 2014.
  • Manuscripts will then undergo peer review. (Individuals interested in peer reviewing submissions for this issue of Horizons are encouraged to contact the editor at
  • Initial peer review decisions are expected by Dec. 19, 2014.
  • Final, for-publication drafts of accepted manuscripts will be due around Jan. 15, 2015.