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Human Factors & ITCybersecurity in Healthcare: What You Need to Know

Modern medical equipment, devices, records, and networks are critically dependent on ever more complex computer software. However, greater reliance on computers also has increased medical device and system vulnerability to cyberattacks, malware (bugs and viruses), and software flaws. This issue of Horizons addresses issues fundamental to cybersecurity and medical technology, including risk management and interoperability; reports on key trends; and offers insight on protecting medical devices and technology from cyberthreats.

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Horizons: Call for Papers

Horizons: Systems in Healthcare Technology

Horizons:  Fall Call for PapersA fundamental change is unfolding in how hospitals and other healthcare facilities function, thanks to the introduction of systems engineering principles. Systems thinking in healthcare reflects an appreciation for the interconnected and interdependent relationship of medical devices, technology, and individuals. Other industries, such as aviation, defense, and nuclear, are further along in applying these systems engineering ideas into their daily operations. Experts believe that a systems approach to healthcare will result in fewer risks to patients, reduced costs for healthcare facilities, and greater efficiencies.