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BIT November/December 2014Medical device recalls are a fact of life at healthcare institutions. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to its own data, recalls anywhere from 13 to 74 devices each day.

Healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals often act as liaisons between the manufacturers and end users of the recalled device by coordinating with the manufacturer to either fix the device or remove it from service.

In this month's cover article, “Clearing the Shelves: Insights on How to Handle Medical Device Recalls,” writer Vanessa Caceras talks to experts for their advice on how to better manage what seems like an overwhelming amount of recalls.

“People are drowning in information about recalls. They get this information from many sources and have to weed through it,” Lyle Ellerbach, vice president of MD Buyline, based in Dallas, TX, says in the cover story.

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