AAMI News: July 2014, Vol. 49, No. 7


Memorable Speeches Mark AAMI 2014

A mix of lighter activities and important updates and news greeted a record number of attendees at the AAMI 2014 Conference & Expo last month in Philadelphia, PA. Read more...

George Mills

Book Breaks Down Sterilization Principles

Are you a healthcare technology management professional (HTM) or medical device professional puzzled by the definitions of the terms sterilization verification, validation, and qualifications: If so, a new resource from AAMI may be right up your alley. Read more...


AAMI Unveils Draft Career Guide

Choosing a career path in healthcare technology management—where job roles and titles haven't been been entirely clear or consistent, where required skills can vary by healthcare institution, and guidance resources have been lacking—can prove challenging. Read more...

HTM Week Winners Show How They Keep Things Humming

When the annual HTM Week was announced this year, members of the Clinical Engineering Department of the University of Missouri Health Care/Tiger Institute decided to show others within the facility the important role they play...Read more...

HTM Week Winners

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