Now you can choose to take courses in our traditional classroom setting or take classes online through our new eLearning portal. eLearning provides professionals with greater time and financial flexibility so that both work and development can be accommodated. Choose the educational option that works best for you, whether it’s in a traditional classroom setting or through our eLearning portal. AAMI University provides you with a better way to manage your professional development.  Learn. Apply. Succeed.

Greater access to AAMI’s industry-leading curriculum and instructors

AAMI University offers classes and curriculum developed in close consultation with industry leaders, including the FDA, Joint Commission, and subject matter experts. Our online courses are taught by the same instructors who teach our training programs and speak at our conferences. Our technology allows discussion and interaction however you choose to learn. Learning from experts and interacting with professional peers are part of every AAMI University course.

Manage your professional education with your personal dashboard

AAMI University’s eLearning portal provides its students with a personalized dashboard that can be used to manage and track professional education. Whether the goal is to stay current on quality standards every few years or work through a curriculum that leads to a certificate, AAMI University pulls together professional education management in one, easy-to-use tool.

Expanded content offerings from webinars to seminars to classes

There is no simple template for the diverse education needs of the medical technology profession. AAMI University is your resource for issue-specific webinars, seminars that engage the professional and regulatory community, and courses and curriculum designed for professional development at all career stages. AAMI University is the go-to source for medical technology education.