AAMI Technical Committee Award


Awarded to up to two AAMI technical committees (includes AAMI technical committees and working groups, and AAMI technical advisory groups and technical advisory sub-groups) annually to recognize outstanding Committee efforts. Nominations may be submitted by any member of the AAMI Board of Directors, Committee on Standards Strategy, Standards Board, or by any member of AAMI or any member of an AAMI committee. Selection is by the AAMI Standards Board based on the nomination report. Committee members [based on membership status at the time the award is announced] receive a plaque and the Committee is further rewarded with a special luncheon, dinner or similar event at their next meeting. Up to five former committee members may also be nominated to receive a plaque for past outstanding contributions to the work of the committee. In addition, Committee cochairs are invited to the AAMI Annual Meeting to accept the award on behalf of the committee in a public presentation.

Criteria for the award include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Importance of the contributions, benefits and effects that resulted/will result from a standard, or a group of standards (e.g., contribution to patient safety, international trade, etc).
  • Committee operations (balance; time taken to complete document; degree of consensus achieved)
  • Other factors (e.g., round robin testing of a new test method being developed for a standard)

Nomination Deadline: Nomination deadline: 13 January (Nominations received after that date will be considered for the following year’s awards. For example, a nomination received on 13 January 2018 will be considered for the 2018 awards; a nomination received on 14 January 2018 will be considered for the 2019 awards.)

For more information, contact Allison Rafti at +1-703-253-8296 or arafti@aami.org.

Guidelines: Link here for guidelines for preparation and submission of a nomination.

NOTE: Committees are encouraged to consider submitting a nomination report at the same time that they submit a document to the Standards Board for final approval.

AAMI Standards Technical - Committee Award Winners

2017 Device Security Working Group
2016 Combination Products Committee
2015 AAMI/CV, Cardiac Valve Prostheses Committee
2015 AAMI Sterilization Standards Committee
2014 AAMI Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee
2013 ST WG 13 Committee: Washer Disinfectors Working Group
2013 AAMI HITI, Ad Hoc Group on Health Information Technology and Interoperability
2012 MDDS Working Group
2012 Small Bore Connectors Committee
2011 AAMI Infusion Device Committee
2010 AAMI Human Factors Committee
2010 AAMI Sphygmomanometer Committee
2009 AAMI/PC Cardiac Rhythm Management Device (CRMD) Committee
2009 AAMI Infant Incubator Committee
2008 Application of Risk Management for Medical Devices Working Group
2008 Medical Device Software Committee
2007 AAMI/RD, Renal Disease and Detoxification Committee
2007 AAMI / ST / WG40, Steam Sterilization Hospital Practices Working Group