In House Courses

Bring AAMI Quality System and Standards Related Training to Your Organization!

AAMI offers all of its Quality System training programs on an in-house basis.

  • If your organization has 20-50 employees to train, it can save valuable hours of travel time and travel costs while providing a training program with focused discussions on its specific products and processes.
  • The discount on training can save your organization 20%-70% on the registration fees spent to attend AAMI's public programs.   The more employees there are to train, the more your organization will save!  AAMI also offers discounted rates on in-house training programs to corporate members.
  • In-house training is particularly effective for organizations that want to establish a common language and understanding of regulatory requirements across the organization.
  • All courses include case studies and problem-solving exercises that can be tailored to fit your organization’s circumstances.
  • For more information, contact Deidre, at 1-703-525-4890, ext. 1212 or email