Webinar Proposal

AAMI encourages members with an interest in contributing to educational programming to propose webinar topics at any time.

Webinar topics must relate directly to topics useful to the healthcare community in the development, management, and use of safe and effective medical technology. Proposals need to address issues, provide practical knowledge, improve patient care, and present innovative approaches that have achieved measurable results. Successful topics have focused on sterile processing, industrial sterilization, quality systems, human factors, and healthcare IT.

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with notification within 45 days from the date of proposal receipt. AAMI will not accept webinar topics intended solely to promote commercial products.

General Information

  • Webinars are generally 60 minutes—approximately 40 minutes of presentation plus 15 minutes for questions. Webinars take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Eastern. Some webinars may extend to 90 or 120 minutes at the discretion of AAMI staff in collaboration with the presenter(s).
  • Presenters will have the opportunity for a practice session before the actual webinar. The approximate time commitment, outside of your preparation time, is three to four hours.
  • After reviewing your proposal, AAMI may ask you to modify the webinar to meet specific objectives of the webinar.
  • AAMI offers a modest honorarium to presenters.


Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Please follow these instructions to prepare and submit your webinar proposal.

  • Answer the questions succinctly. Do not exceed the word count.
  • When creating your learning objectives, please use measurable verbs to classify and describe what the learner must do in order to demonstrate learning.  Examples of measurable verbs are: analyze, apply, discuss, examine, identify, list, name, recognize.
  • You may submit attachments to include photos, brochures, publications, documents, etc., that further clarify or describe your proposed webinar topic.
  • Submit your proposal as a Word document or Adobe PDF file.
    Download Webinar Proposal Form (PDF)
    Download Webinar Proposal Form (Word)
  • Send your proposal and any attachments to education@aami.org. Type “Webinar Proposal” in the subject line.

Webinar Proposal FAQs

  • Who can submit a webinar proposal?
    Anyone can submit a webinar proposal. We encourage prospective speakers and general audience members to submit ideas. Even if you don’t know who might present the topic, we want to hear your ideas!

  • I don’t have a speaker or a title.
    That’s okay! Tell us the problem you’d like addressed or a skill you would like more training on and we’ll take it from there. Ideally, you should complete questions 2–5 and question 9 on the form to the best of your ability.

  • I’ve never presented a webinar before/ don’t have much presentation experience—can I still propose or present one?
    Absolutely! We will make the process as easy as possible and give you as much training as necessary. Webinars are a great way for newer presenters to get comfortable with public speaking while also sharing their knowledge.

  • How are webinar proposals reviewed?
    The Webinar Proposal Review Team reviews and scores proposals using a 100 point system.
    — Proposed webinar title – relevant, timely, attention grabber = 5 points
    — Target audience = 5 points
    — Learning objectives = 20 points
    — Learner engagement – use of polling, quiz, chats, etc. = 20 points
    — Topic relevancy to AAMI members =15 points
    — What makes this webinar different and more valuable than the myriad of other educational opportunities available? = 15 points
    — What makes this webinar unique enough to convince your audience to spend their own money and time to attend? = 15 points
    — Presentation experience = 5 points

  • Are there specific topics AAMI is looking for?
    Yes AND no. While there are popular topics that we often focus on, healthcare technology is ever-evolving. You can propose a topic within an area we already offer, or share with us a unique issue you face that may affect others like you! The following list is not all-inclusive and programs do not need to fit into one of the categories.

    Current Topics: Quality Systems, Human Factors, Software Validation, Sterilization (Industrial and Sterile Processing), Healthcare Technology Management

    Growing Topics: Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Systems Thinking, Leadership Training (for Industry and HTM), Project Management


More Information


Submit your proposal as a Word document or Adobe PDF file.

For questions regarding webinar proposals, please contact:

Education Department
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
4301 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 301
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-525-4890
Email: education@aami.org