Grace Period for Recertification Submissions Now March 31

The ACI Board recently updated the recertification policy for all certified professionals. Beginning with all 2018 recertifications, the grace period for late recertification submissions is March 31. If recertification documents and/or renewal payments are not received by March 31 following the deadline, the certification will be revoked on April 1. In order to reactivate a certification that has been revoked, the candidate will need to successfully retake the exam. A $100 reactivation fee will be added to all recertification payments submitted between January 1 and March 31 of the year following the expiration.

It is universally understood that rapid technological advancement is inherent to the medical instrumentation profession. In a profession that regularly undergoes such constant change, the importance of certification is growing rapidly. The purpose of this program is to ensure that those who are actively certified maintain a level of professional knowledge and skill that is consistent with the standards according to which certification was initially conferred.

Certification is only as valuable as the standard it represents, if the standard is maintained. Otherwise, there is no reason for an individual holding the credential to be entitled to special consideration, credit, or authority.

To maintain an ACI certification, an HTM professional must:

  • accumulate a minimum of 30 continuing education units over a three-year-period.
  • submit a continuing practice journal.
  • pay the applicable fees.

CEUs can be accumulated through a wide range of professional activities that accommodate diverse learning styles and approaches to professional involvement, including:

  • Earning an additional HTM-related certification or IT certification
  • Leadership roles in HTM-related and healthcare committees, workgroups, or appointments (outside your position description)
  • Development of educational content
  • Professional development
  • College or university courses
  • Work experience

Those individuals in a recertification cycle ending in 2017 may choose to follow the old policy and accumulate 15 points or the new policy put in place on January 1, 2017. Individuals may not combine aspects of both policies. Individuals in a cycle ending in 2018 or later must follow the new policy. Applicable journals are below.

CEU Audit Requirements 

To protect the integrity of the ACI certification program, the ACI Board conducts an annual audit to validate continuing education units submitted by certified professionals. Participation in the audit is mandatory. 

At the end of each CEU cycle, random CEU audits consisting of 10 percent of all certified individuals within the cycle will be conducted. The ACI Board may add additional certified individuals, at their discretion, to the randomly chosen list of certified individuals to investigate claims or suspicion of impropriety.

Individuals chosen to participate in the CEU audit will be notified that their renewal submission is being audited to ensure compliance with the recertification policies. Individuals will be notified of their status upon completion of the audit and will be notified of any deficiencies that they may have. Individuals will have an opportunity to resolve any issues by submitting additional hours or further documentation to prove attendance in an event. Status letters from ACI will be mailed and emailed on a weekly basis.



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