AAMI & GE Healthcare BMET of the Year Award

This award is given to a biomedical equipment technician (BMET) to recognize individual dedication, achievement, and excellence in the field of healthcare technology management.

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • Achievement and sustained excellence through specific contributions to the profession.
  • Achievement of the ICC Certification: CBET, CRES, or CLES
  • Employment in the HTM field for 5 years or more

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • Current responsibilities associated with the role of technician/technologist
  • Active participation and leadership in local, state, or national HTM organizations
  • Contributions to share knowledge and experience through speaking engagements or authorship of articles related to HTM
  • Resolution of an HTM challenge or problem in a patient care environment
  • A role in special projects or studies that made a difference to the field

The award includes a $1,500 check and a plaque to be presented at the 2019 AAMI Exchange in Cleveland, OH.

The deadline for 2019 nominations has now passed. For more information on future nomination periods, contact awards@aami.org.

AAMI & GE Healthcare BMET of the Year Award Winners

  • 2018 – J. Scot Mackeil, CBET
  • 2017 – Scott Hall, CBET
  • 2016 – Carlos Villafañe, CBET, CET, A+, Network+
  • 2015 – James Mazurek, CBET
  • 2014 – Chad D. Sinclair, CBET, CRES
  • 2013 – Richard Swim, CLES, A+, MCSE, CCNA, CCSFP
  • 2012 – Demetrius Dillard, CBET
  • 2011 – Paul Kelley, CBET
  • 2010 – Kelly VanDeWalker, CBET
  • 2009 – David Scott, CBET
  • 2008 – David W. Braeutigam, MBA, CBET
  • 2007 – W. Glenn Scales, CBET
  • 2006 – Dustin Telford, CBET, CRES, CLES
  • 2005 – Glen L. Wolfe, CBET
  • 2004 – Theresa Gorski
  • 2003 – Gregory S. Duncan, CBET
  • 2002 – Dennis R. Edwards, CBET
  • 2001 – Dennis Cox, CBET, CRES, CLES
  • 2000 – David E. Francoeur, CBET
  • 1999 – Michael R. Kauffman, CBET
  • 1998 – John Thomas
  • 1997 – Terrence D. McCartney
  • 1996 – Roger Zielinski
  • 1995 – David Houge, CBET
  • 1994 – Benjamin Ethridge, CBET
  • 1993 – Michael P. Myatt, CBET
  • 1992 – Jahangir Azizi, CBET
  • 1991 – Lance Martucci
  • 1990 – Gail Seput
  • 1989 – Charles Connor, CBET
  • 1981 – Edwel W. Butler, CBET


2018 Award Recipient

J. Scot Mackeil
J. Scot Mackeil, CBET

J. Scot Mackeil, CBET, has been on the front lines of hospital biomedical engineering for more than 26 years, most recently as a member of the anesthesia clinical engineering team at Massachusetts General Hospital where he supports anesthesia and surgical systems in the operating room. Mackeil is a vocal advocate for the HTM field and spoke at the FDA’s 2016 workshop on the refurbishing, reconditioning, rebuilding, remarketing, remanufacturing, and servicing of medical devices by third-party entities and original equipment manufacturers. He also is an outspoken supporter of two pending pieces of "right to repair" legislation in his home state, proposals which he believes would "greatly benefit" the HTM field. Mackeil has contributed to and written articles for 24x7 and TechNation, many of which focus on the “right to repair,” and is an active member of the New England Society of Clinical Engineers and ACCE. He also strongly believes in mentoring up-and-coming HTM professionals and the need to support programs that help HTM departments in developing countries acquire technology, training, parts, and service information.

For more information, contact MaryJane Thomas at +1-703-253-8296 or awards@aami.org.