For Immediate Release
May 1, 2017
Amber Bauer, 703-253-8262

AAMI Journal Recognized for Editorial Excellence

BI&T July/August 2016AAMI’s peer-reviewed journal BI&T (Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology) has won two awards in a national competition for healthcare publications. These awards, sponsored by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE), recognize "editorial excellence and achievement in the field of healthcare publishing."

BI&T, AAMI’s bimonthly flagship publication, seeks to cover the trends, technical advances, challenges, solutions, industry developments, research, and people in the world of healthcare technology. AAMI publications have a rich history of recognition and honors, garnering 11 ASHPE awards in the past three years alone. This year’s honors bring that number to 13.

The cover story for the July/August 2016 issue, “Choosing Wisely: Trends and Strategies for Capital Planning and Procurement,” received ASHPE’s silver award for Best News/Analysis Article. This article, written by longtime BI&T contributor Martha Vockley, explained trends in capital planning and procurement, including a greater focus on patient safety, and highlighted the attributes that hospitals value most in vendors. The article also provided practical tips and clear guidance on what hospitals should be doing so they are making the right investments—and avoiding the “shiny object” syndrome.

“Capital equipment planning is becoming a bigger issue,” said one of the experts quoted in this article. “It comes up in almost every engagement (in hospitals).”

Axel WirthASHPE also honored BI&T’s new “Cyberinsights” column with a bronze award for Best New Department. Written by cybersecurity expert Axel Wirth, a distinguished technical architect at Symantec, this column examines the challenges and vulnerabilities the online world has introduced into healthcare. “Cybersecurity has to become part of an organization’s culture and everybody’s responsibility, from clinicians, to biomedical engineers, to management,” he wrote in one of his first columns.

Sean Loughlin, AAMI’s vice president of communications, praised Wirth’s contributions to BI&T as both a contributor and a member of the publication’s Editorial Board.

“Axel has done so much to help our members understand why cybersecurity is such a pressing concern in healthcare today,” Loughlin said. “Along the way, he’s providing practical and clear insights that can help keep medical devices and healthcare technology safe and secure.”

According to Loughlin, both of these awards underscore the value of AAMI’s publications.

“A recent membership survey affirmed that AAMI publications are one of the top benefits for our members,” Loughlin said. “We’re committed to ensuring that we deliver the news and information that our members want and need—and do so in a way that’s engaging and relevant to their professional lives.”

The awards, Loughlin added, are a testament to the work of AAMI’s staff, volunteers, and members in general.

“Our members help us stay on top of the subjects that matter. Our volunteers, whether they serve as peer reviewers or writers, help shape that content. And our team of editors are passionate about delivering the best publications possible,” he said.

AAMI ( is a nonprofit organization founded in 1967. It is a diverse community of approximately 7,000 healthcare technology professionals united by one important mission—supporting the healthcare community in the development, management, and use of safe and effective healthcare technology.