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Gold Arrow What best practices can you learn from your peers?
Gold Arrow Will you pass your next accreditation survey or Joint Commission audit?
Gold Arrow Can you make the case for hiring additional staff and buying new equipment?
Gold Arrow Is your department running as efficiently as possible?

Find out today with AAMI Benchmarking! Our web-based platform brings you the critical information you need to examine and improve your department!

AAMI offers two different benchmarking products. Click on each one to learn more.

How does Benchmarking work?

  • Call AAMI customer service at 877-249-8226 to purchase your subscription, or enroll online by clicking on the link for your corresponding product directly above.
  • Log in to our web-based platform and enter your data in our secure platform.
  • Compare your facility to others and customize results by region, type, and/or size.
  • Create reports and charts so you can read and examine data without difficulty.
  • Instantly turn your reports into PowerPoint slides, and easily present results to colleagues and supervisors.

Once you purchase your subscription, you gain access to data on 70+ benchmarking metrics and measurements. You’ll become part of a community of experts and other professionals, where you can connect with other subscribers to ask questions and share ideas.  Use the tool year after year, and measure your improvement over time.

Which option is right for you?  We have 3 versions of each product to suit your needs.

What’s Your Job Function? What Do You Want To Do? Type of Subscription Annual Cost
How to Join  
HTM Manager, Clinical Engineer, or SPD Manager Compare my facility to others and generate reports

Original version of HTM or Sterile Processing

$750 for AAMI members
$850 for non-members
Subscribe to HTM or Sterile Processing Benchmarking through the AAMI Store
Consultant or Researcher for HTM or  Sterile Processing See aggregated benchmarking data, but I don’t have any data to add to the platform

Results-Only version of HTM or Sterile Processing

$1,700 for AAMI members

$2,400 for non-members
Subscribe to Results-Only HTM or Results-Only Sterile Processing Benchmarking through the AAMI Store

Are you part of a hospital system?

No problem! Each facility in your system can get its own account, and we offer a discount for those interested in enrolling multiple facilities. To get a quote and learn more, call AAMI customer service at 877-249-8226.

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Need Help? 
Don't worry! Call AAMI customer service at  877-249-8226 to ask questions or set up your subscription over the phone.