Enterprise eSubscription

The Enterprise eSubscription is a license to subscribe to AAMI standards— designed for organizations with one or more sites.

Benefits include: cost savings, assurance that all staff have access to current versions, ability to search topics across standards, user custom settings such as bookmarks and note taking, and access to other related content.

To order an enterprise eSubscription, complete and submit the Enterprise Request Form. A customer service associate will contact you to discuss next steps.

To qualify for AAMI Enterprise eSubscription member pricing, your company/hospital must be a corporate or institutional member.

Order an Enterprise eSubscription



  • Sterilization, Part 1: Sterilization in Health Care Facilities
    Al subscription to Sterilization, Part 1: Sterilization in Health Care Facilities includes 14 sterilization standards and guidance documents, including ST40, ST41, ST58, ST65, ST79, ST8, ST91, TIR11, TIR12, TIR30, TIR34, TIR55, TIR63, PB70
    2-5 Concurrent Users—$2,400 member | $3,500 non-member
    6-10 Concurrent Users—$3,500 member | $4,450 non-member
  • All Sterilization
    This collection provides access to all sterilization standards and technical documents for hospitals and healthcare facilities, manufacturers and users of sterilization equipment, and for manufacturers who ship sterile products.
    2-5 Concurrent Users—$2,500 member | $3,725 non-member
  • Dialysis
    Access to Dialysis standards including ANSI/AAMI 13959, ANSI/AAMI 26722, ANSI/AAMI 23500, TIR58.
    2-5 Concurrent Users—$1,950 member | $2,900 non-member
  • Human Factors
    Access to Human Factors standards including ANSI/AAMI/IEC 62366, HE75, TIR49, TIR50, and TIR51.
    2-5 Concurrent Users—$1,950 member | $2,900 non-member
  • HTM Collection
    This collection consists of ANSI/AAMI EQ56:2013, ANSI/AAMI EQ89:2015, AAMI TIR18:2010, AAMI TIR21:1998, AAMI/IEC TIR62354:2015 as well as the Electrical Safety Manual, and the CHTM Study Guide. In addition, there are over 20 other publications and articles that offer career resources and practical guidance for HTM departments, biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, and other healthcare technology professionals.
    2-5 Concurrent Users—$1,950 member | $2,900 non-member
  • All Standards:
    Access nearly 250 comprehensive national and international standards and technical documents covering sterilization, dialysis, biological evaluation of medical devices, quality systems, and medical equipment.   Any updates are automatically available on the site.  The site provides interactive tools that allow you to search, bookmark, comment and share.
Number of Users   Prices
2-5 Named Users* $4,000 member $5,900 non-member
2-5 Concurrent Users (up to 100 named users)** $6,500 member $9,500 non-member
6-10 Concurrent Users (up to 200 named users) $10,500 member $15,500 non-member
11-15 Concurrent Users (up to 300 named users) $14,500 member $21,000 non-member
15-20 Concurrent Users (up to 500 named users) $19,000 member $28,000 non-member
*Named Users are specific staff who can access the site.  This option is best for a single facility or specialized unit. Set users are provided unique usernames and passwords. 
**Concurrent Users are a set number of users who can access the site at the same time.  However, the organization can make the site available to an unlimited number of staff.  Many organizations determine the number of Concurrent Users based on the number of sites and staff.  Concurrent user accounts can be set-up with either named access or IP address.  For named access, the primary administrator will receive a generic username and password but when users access the site, they will be prompted to create a unique username and password.  Primary administrators have control in adding and removing individuals.  The use of eSubscription can be limited to site premises through IP access.  Based on IP addresses provided, organizations will receive a unique URL.  Like named access, users will be prompted to create a username and password.
The Primary Administrator is the contact with AAMI and with users in your organization.  Once an account is activated, the primary administrator will have access to a portal to review the organization’s usage and other key data.  Depending on the site access type chosen, the primary administrator may also have the ability to add or remove users.

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