AAMI News January 2018

New Webinar Series Focuses on Optimizing the Value of CMMS Data

CMMS ‘How To’ Series

Jan. 17: How to Standardize CMMS Data and Maintain Data Integrity

Jan. 31: How to Use CMMS Data Analytics to Support the AEM Program

Feb. 14: How to Do Benchmarking for Financial Management

Feb. 28: How to Do Benchmarking for Quality and Performance Management

March 14: How to Manage Medical Device Integration, Cybersecurity, and Other HTM–IT Issues

March 28: How to Select and Implement a New CMMS Program

Practically every healthcare technology management (HTM) department has a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), but only a few are using these systems to their full potential, according to two consultants who literally wrote the book on optimizing CMMS use.

Too often, a department’s CMMS becomes a time-consuming repository of “arbitrary data entry rather than a source of useful, actionable information,” explained Matthew Baretich, president of Baretich Engineering, Inc. and co-author of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for Healthcare Technology Management, Third Edition.

To help HTM professionals turn their CMMS into a useful “management” and “technician assistance tool,” Baretich and co-author Ted Cohen, an HTM consultant and part-time project clinical engineer at UC Davis Health in California, will be leading a six-part webinar series starting Jan. 17.

“Our goal is to have everyone in HTM use their CMMS as a tool to help make their jobs easier,” Cohen said. “By learning how to collect, analyze, share, and use data, HTM departments can operate more effectively, which ultimately improves patient safety.”

Each webinar in the series will address one specific aspect of CMMS use, such as benchmarking, medical device integration with the electronic medical record, or developing an alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) plan.

“All of the sessions will cover how HTM folks can address these topics with data collection and data analytics using their CMMS,” Baretich explained. “They all will focus on ‘how to,’ with additional practical applications.” More information about this interactive webinar series is available at www.aami.org/CMMSwebinars.