AAMI News December 2017

AAMI All Star: Richard Schule

Richard Schule
Richard Schule is the director of clinical education for STERIS Corporation.

AAMI activities:

Member of the AAMI Standards Board; co-chair of ST/WG 86, Quality Systems for Device Reprocessing; and a member of a number of AAMI sterilization standards committees, including ST/WG 12, Instructions for Reusable Device Reprocessing, ST/WG 40, Steam Sterilization Hospital Practices, ST/WG 60, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Hospital Practices, ST/WG 83, Reusable Surgical Textiles Processing, and ST/WG 85, Human Factors for Device Reprocessing.

Most enjoyable part about volunteering:

“The opportunity to work alongside other passionate professionals from around the country. We share the common goal of helping make patients safer through various consensus documents that help guide users and manufacturers toward best practice. It is also a learning environment, with some of the brightest and most talented minds in the industry. I am always listening and learning about the future of healthcare and helping to make quality systems and risk assessment standard practice for device processing in healthcare facilities.”

Something people might not know about me:

“I have fond memories and a deep respect for my first alma mater, Norwich University located in Northfield, VT. Established in 1819, Norwich is one of the oldest private military universities in the country, and to this day, the university’s motto, ‘I will try,’ continues to resonate in both my personal and professional life. Never give up collaborating for the greater good and always approach a new experience with ‘I will try.’”