AAMI News December 2017

AAMI Board Approves 2018–2020 Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanThe AAMI Board of Directors approved a new three-year strategic plan for the association during its November meeting, setting the stage for a renewed period of growth and achievement in advancing the development and use of safe and effective health technology.

The drafting and approval of the plan came as AAMI was celebrating its 50th anniversary and at a time when the leaps in health technology are coming faster and landing further in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

“This strategic plan will help AAMI reach even greater heights,” said Board Chair Phil Cogdill, director of quality sterilization and microbiology at Medtronic. “Our first 50 years have been an incredible success, and I have no doubt that the next 50 will be even more successful because of the vision and commitment of our members, staff, and volunteers.”

The plan outlines three broad goals for AAMI that focus on community, infrastructure, and knowledge.

  • Goal 1: AAMI will have a broader community of engaged stakeholders.
  • Goal 2: AAMI operations will be enhanced and improved.
  • Goal 3: AAMI will be the essential resource for high-quality knowledge and learning in health technology.

The plan then details specific staff objectives and strategies to meet these goals. AAMI President and CEO Robert Jensen emphasized the importance of teamwork in moving AAMI forward.

“One of AAMI’s greatest strengths has been its ability to get talented people with different perspectives to work together,” Jensen said. “We win when we get diverse stakeholders to come to the table to tackle challenges and find solutions together. This strategic plan builds on that tradition and positions AAMI for even stronger organizational resilience.”

Today, AAMI offers its members, and the health technology community as a whole, a standards program that brings together medical device industry leaders, regulators, and other experts; a growing body of education and training courses and webinars; and online forums that allow professionals to learn from one another. Additionally, the AAMI Foundation supports scholarships for students and young professionals, research in health technology, as well as multiple patient safety initiatives.

Jensen said the development of the plan has given AAMI a repeatable and scalable methodology for updates and future plans.

“The 2018–2020 plan is much more than a series of tasks for staff to accomplish; it’s a well-crafted blueprint for how to turn our priorities into tangible and positive realities,” Jensen said. “The process of creating this plan has helped all of us get a better sense of how AAMI must stay innovative and nimble to answer the challenges of tomorrow.”