Electromedical Standards Committee Mourns Loss of Chair

Posted May 8, 2017

Juergen Stettin
Juergen Stettin

The International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) technical committee (TC) 62 is mourning the loss of another influential leader—the third such loss in a little more than a year. Juergen Stettin, who chaired subcommittee 62D, died April 5 in his home about a month before his 65th birthday after a long illness.

Stettin had a PhD in physics, although he also studied medicine. In 1999, he founded PROSYSTEM AG, a worldwide healthcare consulting and service firm with more than 300 clients in more than 30 countries, along with his partner Oliver P. Christ. Since 2013, Stettin had been member of the faculty for risk management at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA.

“My friend Juergen was a very special human being,” Christ said. “He had the gift to be a listener as well as an entertainer at the same time. He provided a very special sense of humor, and over the 25 years I knew him, my relationship to him changed. Out of a primary business partner, he became my mentor and finally a friend. I deeply miss him.”

Stettin was active in international standardization for more than 20 years and became the chairman of IEC/SC 62D in 2015. This subcommittee is responsible for more than 100 international safety standards for medical equipment and systems.

Jeffrey Eggleston, the secretary for IEC/SC 62D, said he would “always remember and admire Juergen for his optimism and his steadfast commitment to the standards community.”

Other members of TC 62 remembered Stettin fondly and expressed their sadness over his passing.

“Juergen was always a delight to work with. He was so open to new ideas and input and delighted in getting involved in standards work. I had hoped to work with Juergen for many more years as he had only taken on the chairman role for 62D a couple of years ago. I am going to miss his energy and spirit,” said AAMI Standards Director Hae Choe, who serves as the assistant secretary for SC 62D.

IEC/TC 62 Chairman Michael Appel added, “Juergen was a delightful man―a warm and friendly colleague who was uncommonly generous with his time, always eager to help me to understand the significant current issues.”