AAMI Membership FAQs

1. How can I find out if my company is an AAMI member?

We can help you determine your company's membership status.

2. I forgot my login.  How can I get a new username and/or password?

No problem.  We have several ways to help you login.

3. What if I want to change my AAMI password?

  • Make sure you are logged out of the website.
  • Now click on "Login" and select "Forgot Username or password?" to reset your username or password.
  • You can always contact membership@aami.org for additional assistance.

4. Where do I send in my membership payment?

Please send your membership dues payment to one of the following addresses.

  • AAMI
    PO Box 890694
    Charlotte, NC 28289-0694
  • AAMI
    4301 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 301
    Arlington, VA 22203-1633

5. I want to join a standards committee.  Does my company need to be a member or may I join as an individual?

  • AAMI does not require membership to participate on a standards committee. For consultants and employees of companies, please contact membership@aami.org to learn about available options.
  • Individuals who do not work for a company or consulting firm can join AAMI and participate on an AAMI standards committee.
  • To learn more about joining a standards committee, please visit www.aami.org/standards or email standards@aami.org.

6. Can I access AAMI electronic publications/articles if my company (or hospital) is a member of AAMI?

  • If you are not a designated member representative, you cannot access member-only articles and content.
  • All employees of member companies receive member pricing on purchases from the AAMI Store.

7. Can I submit a purchase order to pay for membership?

Yes, AAMI accepts purchase orders.

  • Please scan and email your purchase order to membership@aami.org or fax it to 703-525-1424.
  • We'll send you an invoice referencing your purchase order number.
  • Please note that memberships will not be activated until the purchase order has been paid in full.
  • Additionally, corporate members cannot be activated until page 4 of the application is submitted, along with payment to AAMI.