Image Release Policy

AAMI documents are copyrighted in the name of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), which reserves all rights in copyright. To ensure that AAMI does not violate the rights of a copyright holder, AAMI requires permission to incorporate a photo, image, graph, or table into an AAMI document. The owner(s) of a photo, image, graph, or table must affirm by signing this agreement that AAMI has permission to include the item. This includes all future versions of the document, AAMI programs based on the document, and any efforts to market it.

AAMI is seeking nonexclusive rights to this item. Consequently, this has no impact on the rights of the owner to use, or grant others rights to use, this image.

Just because a photo, image, graph, or table is online DOES NOT mean that it may be freely used. The website using an image may not own rights to the image.

Unless it is noted otherwise, one should always assume that an image is copyright protected and permission is required to use it. In some, but not all, instances the usage rights and credit information for an image is readily available near the image. In other instances, it may take several calls and/or e-mails to identify who owns the rights to the image and is able to grant permission for AAMI to use it.

Are there sources of free or inexpensive photos? Yes.  At times, AAMI obtains images from the following sources.

If any of these sources contain an image you would like to include in an AAMI document, please provide AAMI with a link to the image. AAMI will evaluate any cost to determine if the image can be purchased.

Questions?  Please contact the AAMI staff member you are working with or Shelly Woolsey at or 703-253-8279.