Choose the membership that's right for you.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS are usually biomedical equipment technicians, biomedical and clinical engineers, materials managers, healthcare technology managers, clinicians, and many other professionals who support the field of healthcare technology. Individual members receive full member benefits including subscriptions to publications, member discounts, online resources, and educational opportunities.

Any individuals not working for a corporation or a consulting firm can apply to serve on an unlimited number of AAMI standards committees. If an individual works for a consulting firm or corporation and wants to serve on a standards committee, please contact to learn about available options.

  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS—the best option for those who want full access to everything AAMI has to offer.
  • NEW PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS are those who have worked in the medical technology field for 5 years or less.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are those in non-managerial and non-supervisory roles in healthcare delivery organizations. You must be a user or repairer of medical equipment or an IT professional.
  • STUDENT MEMBERS are full-time undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a program (at least 12 hours).

Individual Membership Application (PDF) | International Individual Membership Application (PDF)

CORPORATE MEMBERS are corporations or other business organizations that manufacture, sell, or service medical instrumentation or have a business-related activity involved with medical instrumentation. Corporate members designate a primary, voting representative and a specified number of "secondary" representatives to receive full AAMI membership benefits. All corporate employees are eligible to serve or hold leadership positions on AAMI technical committees and U.S. technical advisory groups administered by AAMI, and for publication and meeting discounts. Corporate members also receive discounts on exhibiting at AAMI events.
Corporate Membership Application (PDF)

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS are hospitals (for profit and nonprofit), healthcare institutions, governmental, scientific, academic, philanthropic, and other nonprofit organizations with an interest in medical instrumentation. Institutional members choose their level of membership by selecting anywhere from three to ten representatives (additional reps can be added). All institutional representatives receive full benefits of AAMI membership. In addition, all institutional employees are eligible for AAMI discounts on products and services.
Institutional Membership Application (PDF).

BIOMEDICAL SOCIETY MEMBERS are local, state, and national professional membership societies and associations for BMETs, clinical engineers, and similar personnel. Learn more about this membership.