ISO 80369 Small Bore Connectors Standards:  Implications for Clinical Users, Manufacturers, and Component Suppliers

The focus of this webinar are the highly relevant and impactful new series of ISO/IEC standards that are targeted at reducing medication errors through the introduction of non-interconnectability requirements.

During the course of the two hour program, presenters discussed the impact that the series of standards has on the healthcare community, their potential timing, activities to prepare for any changes, and the positive impact the new series of standards have in reducing medication errors. 


  • Basic elements of ISO 80369-1
    Identify key elements that comprise 80369-1
    Identify the respective parts of the standard and their project groups
    ISO 80369-1, General requirements
    ISO 80369-2, Driving gases and breathing system ancillary ports
    ISO 80369-3, Enteral feeding
    ISO 80369-4, Urological
    ISO 80369-5, Limb cuffs
    ISO 80369-6, Neuraxial
    ISO 80369-7, Luer fittings (ISO 594 replacement)
  • Relevant definitions of terms used in the new series of ISO/IEC 80369 standards
  • Driving forces within the market to effect this change and approve the new series of ISO/IEC 80369 standards
    Who is pushing these standards forward and why?

  • An overview of the ISO/IEC standards review and approval process
  • What impact does this activity have on me as a clinician, a supplier, or manufacturer?
  • What should I be doing in preparation of the new series of ISO/IEC 80369 standards?
  • Question and Answer session



The webinar is designed to serve a wide audience from clinical practitioners, patient safety officers, risk managers, suppliers, and manufacturers who participate in the marketing and manufacturing of components and/or finished small bore connectors.  Other industry professionals who want to become better acquainted with the new series of ISO/IEC 80369 standards under development and their impact on the healthcare community are encouraged to view the program.


Webinar CD — Includes pdf of handout materials and webinar recording on CD. 


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