S3 Challenge

The S3 Challenge Forum


2014 Issues for Discussion

  • Biocompatibility
  • Sterility
  • Risk Management
  • How these three factors apply to a specific device

Who Should Attend

Professionals from medical technology companies who have responsibility for standards and regulatory compliance, design, engineering, and/or quality.

Organized by AAMI and the FDA, S3 Challenge 2014 is a new forum where leaders from industry and government can collaborate on finding solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare technology industry—including the need for greater synthesis in the development, application, and interactions of medical device standards—to improve the safety of medical technology and reduce the time it takes to bring new devices to market.

The discussion will focus on three broad issues that affect most medical devices: biocompatibility, sterility, and risk management. In addition, participants will explore how the combination of these three factors can apply to a specific class of device.

If you’re a medical industry professional and are willing to take up the challenge to improve standards implementation and compliance, here’s what you will be asked to do:

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