Seminar: Fail Safe Use of Complex Medical Devices

December 4, 2017

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST

Free Registration

A Complimentary Seminar Brought to You by the AAMI Foundation’s National Coalition to Promote the Safe Use of Complex Healthcare Technology

Medical devices enter the patient care arena frequently and entry points are numerous. While some devices are new, others are the result of the installation of upgraded or new software, leading to an end product that reflects varied enhancements with complex technology. Unfamiliarity with these devices can cause the end user to inadvertently cause injury or harm to a patient. User competence could make a life changing impact.

Such was the case in a large healthcare system when unfamiliarity with a device led to death of a patient. This patient safety seminar will describe a “fail safe” process that the healthcare system put into place to support a high reliability journey for ensuring competence of nursing staff and other healthcare professionals when using new and enhanced medical devices. This initiative is a part of a journey to save lives with “zero” harm as its goal.

The speakers will:

  • Review the journey leading to implementation of the Fail Safe High reliability process with complex medical technology and devices.  
  • Describe the High Level End to End Process of medical device entry into the healthcare system leading to development of educational strategies based on the purpose and complexity of the medical device and user competence.
  • Review the risk assessment process facilitated through the use of an equipment risk assessment tool, leading to the development of a training program guide to implement failure free use of medical devices.
  • Explain the process of tracking and documentation of the outcome of education for “Critically” assessed medical devices. 
  • Link the “Fail Safe” initiative with the journey to “High Reliability.”


  • M. Michael Shabot, MD, EVP, Chief Clinical Officer, Office of President
  • Pat Hercules, BSN, MS, RN-BC
  • Teresa Ryan, RN, BSN, CPHRM

About the National Coalition

The work of the AAMI Foundation National Coalition to Promote the Safe Use of Complex Healthcare Technology is intended to be a helpful resource for healthcare delivery organizations, so that every organization does not have to reinvent the wheel or start their work from scratch. It does not constitute legal, regulatory, operational, or procedural advice, nor does it constitute a standard of care. It is essential that each healthcare delivery organization assess the material in the context of its own organizational needs, culture, technology, and priorities.  Learn more.

Thank you Industry Partners!

The AAMI Foundation expresses its gratitude to the industry partners listed below for providing financial support in order to make this patient safety seminar series, as well as all of the deliverables from the National Coalition free of charge to all participants. The seminars do not contain commercial content and any industry speakers were selected for their topic expertise by the AAMI Foundation. None of the supporting organizations of the series were involved in any way in seeking, discussing, or otherwise participating in these partnership agreements. All of the costs of the seminar series were managed by the AAMI Foundation.

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