Eastern Maine Medical Center
The team from Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor are the 2016 HTM Week winners.

This annual celebration is designed to promote the awareness of—and appreciation for—the critical work of biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs), clinical engineers, and other members of the healthcare technology management (HTM) field.

So how can you celebrate? As you make plans for 2017, check out these ideas developed by AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC) to help you mark this appreciation week in your community or at your workplace.

  • Best Celebration Contest—AAMI held its annual contest to recognize the department or facility that best celebrates HTM Week. See the 2016 winners on the right.

  • Your Dream for the HTM Field—For this contest, HTM professionals were asked to describe their dream for the future of HTM in 200 words or less. After reviewing submissions from dozens of HTM professionals, the TMC selected the submission of Ismael Cordero, biomedical services manager with Gradian Health Systems.
  • Free Posters Offered —Choose your favorite! Here are the new posters offered for 2016.

  • Creative Ideas —A few ideas for celebrating HTM Week where you work.

  • Resources—These tools will help you get the festivities started.


Sponsored by the Technology Management Council