Systems Engineering Concepts Applied to a Hospital Operating Room (OR)

April 27-28, 2016

Arlington, VA

A workshop sponsored by AAMI, in collaboration with INCOSE

Operating rooms, when optimally designed using a systems approach, can lessen the complexity of the most complicated environment in the hospital—the surgery suite.  User-friendly, integrated technologies augment surgeon skills and assist the entire surgical team to work more safely and efficiently.  Learn more, share current thinking, and discuss ways to promote the systems approach as applied to the operating room at this workshop.

The workshop will bring together together healthcare professionals, systems engineers, and systems thinkers from within the healthcare industries to identify, develop, and tailor systems engineering best practices for application in the improvement of healthcare.  This workshop is our primary venue for face-to-face engagement among our members, our partners, and other interested in the systems approach to healthcare and related industries.  The workshop will provide:

  • Clinicians and hospital administrators with a new perspective on representing the many interactions and dependencies within a hospital operating room
  • Hospital risk managers who have brought a systems thinking perspective to managing risk in the hospital operating room
  • Medical device manufacturers with a new tool for analyzing the use conditions within an operating room that impact device design and safety
  • Healthcare simulation experts with an approach to a common framework for developing simulations and comparing results across multiple simulation types
  • Clinical engineers and systems engineers with a deeper understanding of how to tailor for healthcare the systems engineering tools developed by other industries

Agenda Synopsis (link to full agenda)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

  • Introduction to the AAMI/INCOSE partnership in advancing systems thinking in the healthcare setting
  • Operating room stakeholder and clinician perspectives and needs

Thursday, April 28, 2016

  • Systems engineering approach to analyzing operating room operations and device use conditions
  • Applying systems engineering models to integrate physical and computer simulations


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