Join a Technical Committee

Committees of volunteer technical experts are the heart of the AAMI standards program. Each AAMI technical committee and US Technical Advisory Group has a defined scope of work and operates under established policies and procedures.

An AAMI technical committee makes recommendations concerning the need for new standards and other technical publications within its area of competency and expertise, determines when a document needs to be revised, drafts new and revised technical documents, and develops committee and public consensus on those drafts. Other duties, which occur less frequently, include developing consensus on official interpretations of standards and advising AAMI on responses to government initiatives and other public policy matters within the committee's area of work. Certain committees, such as the AAMI ECG Committee or AAMI Sterilization Standards Committee, assign drafting and consensus-building to working groups, with the committee serving primarily as a coordinating body and filter for new work items.

U. S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) and sub-Groups (sub-TAG) develop national consensus on International Standards and Technical Reports out for comment or vote. TAGs and sub-Tags also make recommendations regarding other aspects of international standards participation such as U.S. positions on international new work items, formation of US delegations to international committee and subcommittee meetings, and nomination of US experts to international working groups.

Many AAMI committees serve "double duty" as US Tags and develop national standards as well as US positions on related international standards.

Technical Committee or TAG Application