BI&T July/August 2018

The field of pediatric healthcare technology faces profound challenges to overcoming a smaller market, a smaller patient, and an ever-changing physiological landscape. Developing pediatric medical devices is not a smooth road for many companies; locating funding is onerous because the market, and potential return on investment, for pediatric technology is far smaller than that for devices used by adults or those for general use. The pediatric market crunch is further obfuscated by a variety of other factors. For example, pediatric illnesses tend to be more variable than adult illnesses, and children are constantly changing (e.g., in terms of physical size and heart rate). The inherent lack of constants in the pediatric population makes developing technology particularly challenging. Despite these obstacles, those who work in the field are moving into the future guided by the enormous amount of passion, empathy, and ingenuity that pediatric patients deserve.

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