Global Forum

Register TodayFriday, June 1—1:00 pm–5:00 pm
Hyatt Regency, Regency DEF

Global leadership and support in the development, management and use of safe and effective healthcare technology

The rapidly growing field of medicine has created global shifts in how and where medical devices are conceived, developed, manufactured, and utilized across the globe. Our field has evolved from including addressing the use of individual devices, to include system integration, and now systems-of-systems. Evidence-based consensus standards, proper education and training, communication about best practices and solutions, and a strong professional community are fundamental requirements in supporting and facilitating this global health system to improve care delivery in our communities, regions, and globally.

AAMI, ACCE, and IFMBE/CED have partnered to advance the safe and effective use of health technologies and systems. In this session, we will:

  • Share a vision for our partnership and solicit your engagement
  • Share and discuss trends and challenges in each region of the world, led by experts from these regions.
  • Discuss and decide on what the most important topics/data for global study, and then consider ideas and solicit support for collecting this information.

We look forward to your engagement and participation.



  • Anna Kah – Gambia
  • Shauna Mullally – Zambia
  • Kevin Taylor – Gambia
  • Anna Worm – WHO/Africa (Remote) Ghana, Rwanda, Myanmar, New Caledonia and Benin

Latin America and Caribbean

  • Saide Calil – Brazil (Remote)
  • Paula Berrio – Colombia
  • Pedro Galvan – Paraguay
  • Ricardo Silva – Venezuela and Ecuador
  • Roberto Ayala Perdomo – Mexico
  • Tobey Clark – Peru and Caribbean

USA and Canada

  • Stephen Grimes – United States
  • Shauna Mullally – Canada


  • Riad Farah – Lebanon/Middle East
  • Bassam Tabshouri – Lebanon/Middle East
  • Jitendar Sharma – India
  • Hiroki “Hiro” Igeta – Japan
  • Jun Yoshioka – Japan
  • Liu Jingxin – China
  • Stanley Siu – Hong Kong/China


  • Ewa Zalewska – Poland (Remote)
  • Lorenzo Leogrande – Italy
  • Ledina Picari – Albania (Remote)