Clinical Engineering Symposium - Presented by ACCE

Sunday, June 3—7:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Managing and Securing Medical Devices in the Home and Non-traditional Environments

Changing demographics and care delivery models, the desire to reduce costs, and the evolution of new medical technologies have resulted in devices migrating from traditional hospital settings into patient homes and other non-traditional environments (e.g., offices, schools).  These new environments are more difficult to secure and manage with respect to device security and data privacy.  Both the security and privacy risks are likely to be even greater in the more loosely controlled environments and in the movement between disparate environments.

This symposium will:

  • contrast the difference in risks and cyber threats between traditional and non-traditional care environments
  • describe the level of security features that care providers and consumers should look for in selecting medical devices for these environments
  • describe the challenges of introducing digital consumer devices (e.g. fitness trackers, vital signs monitors) into the data ecosystem
  • describe the additional steps HTM and IT professionals should take to secure medical devices in these environments (e.g., administrative, physical & technical safeguards). For example: access restrictions (e.g., operators, networks, internet), patient education (and education of their family and aides), security and status monitoring, patching and updating, incident detection and response, security considerations for the home and public digital environments