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AAMI Members Reflect on Decades of Technological Progress

AAMI News December 2017

As AAMI’s 50th anniversary draws to a close, we asked multiple leaders in the healthcare technology world which advancement in the past few decades has most impressed them. Here’s what they had to say.

Predicting the Future of Healthcare

AAMI News October 2017

Heidi Horn is vice president of clinical engineering services at SSM Health in St. Louis, MO. This essay originally appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of BI&T, www.aami.org/bit.

Professor Reflects on Changes, Challenges in HTM Education

AAMI News September 2017

Barbara Christe, PhD, is the program director of healthcare engineering technology management and an associate professor with the Engineering Technology Department at Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis.

The Origins of Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

AAMI News August 2017

Axel Wirth, CPHIMS, CISSP, HCISPP, is a distinguished technical architect at Symantec in Cambridge, MA. This article is excerpted from a CyberInsights column published in the March/April 2017 issue of BI&T, www.aami.org/bit.

50 Years of People, Progress, and Patient Safety

BI&T May/June 2017

A timeline of events over 50 years.

Flashback: In 1970s Article, Biomed Describes Growth of the Field

AAMI News, May 2017

David E. McCanna, CBET, an HTM professional who worked at Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren, OH, described what it was like during those early days.

50 Years of AAMI Standards

AAMI News, April 2017

Infographic looks at AAMI standards over the years.

The Biggest Challenges in Healthcare Technology

AAMI News, March 2017

As AAMI marks its 50th year, we reached out to multiple leaders in the healthcare technology world to collect their thoughts on what’s on the horizon. Here is some of what they had to say.

Pioneer Recalls the Start of In-House Clinical Engineering

AAMI News, February 2017

Longtime AAMI member William S. Staewen tells of his experiences in launching the medical equipment management program at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, MD, more than five decades ago.

AAMI Turns 50: Sharing Memories and Looking into the Future of Healthcare Technology, Roundtable Discussion

BI&T, January/February 2017

AAMI's President and CEO Robert Jensen and AAMI board members Phil Cogdill, Janet Prust, Sue Schade, Pierre Boisier, Kurt Finke, and Steve Yelton discuss AAMI's past, present, and future.

'Going for Gold' to Support Healthcare Technology Students

AAMI News, February 2017

As part of AAMI’s 50th anniversary celebration, the AAMI Foundation is looking to raise $100,000 for its scholarship fund. The money raised as part of this campaign, called “Going for Gold,” will enable the Foundation to offer additional scholarships to students studying healthcare technology starting next year.

AAMI Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebration

AAMI News, January 2017

Half a century ago, a group of pioneering medical device manufacturers, physicians, and inventors banded together to guide the development of healthcare technology. Today, AAMI—the result of their vision—stands as the preeminent organization in developing standards for medical devices, supporting the professionals who work in the healthcare technology field, and promoting the safe and effective use of this technology.

At a Pivotal Moment, New President, Chair 'Set the Course for the Future'

AAMI News, January 2017

This is a key time for AAMI. At the end of 2016, the association welcomed Robert Jensen as its third president and CEO. This month also ushers in AAMI’s 50th anniversary. With those milestones in mind, Phil Cogdill, chair of the AAMI Board of Directors and director of quality sterilization and microbiology at Medtronic, sat down with Jensen and a group of other AAMI leaders to reflect on the association’s rich history and discuss where healthcare technology is headed. This interview provides an excerpt of that roundtable conversation.

The Big Picture: AAMI's Founders

AAMI News, January 2017

Fifty years ago, AAMI’s founders, which included John Post, Warren (Zeph) Lane, Arthur C. Beall, and Bob Allen, realized that without effective standards, appropriate regulation, education, and support, medical devices would never achieve their full potential. Today, AAMI continues to work to ensure the promise of emerging healthcare technologies.

New Award to Debut as Part of 50th Anniversary Celebration

AAMI News, December 2016

Each year, the healthcare technology community recognizes leaders and innovators whose contributions have moved the industry forward. As part of the activities marking AAMI’s 50th anniversary next year, the association has added an additional honor to its awards program that will spotlight the outstanding achievements of one local or regional healthcare technology management association.