AAMI's History: Who, What, and When

On the Shoulders of Giants

AAMI: The Early Years

The story of AAMI is the story of a diverse group of experts who shared a common interest in the development and safety of medical devices. Learn more about why AAMI was founded and how it grew and developed into the organization it is today.

Our Founding Members

Who was instrumental in the creation of AAMI? Find out more about the men behind the association.

Other Influential Members

A number of medical pioneers also lent AAMI a helping hand early on, providing leadership, vision, and finanacial support to the fledging association.

Board Chairs and CEOs

Since 1967, 34 diverse individuals have volunteered to lead AAMI as chair of its Board of Directors. During that time, the association has had just three CEOs.

AAMI Milestones—Five Decades of Building Tomorrows

Look back at the pivotal milestones that mark AAMI's accomplishments over the past 50 years.

Profiles and Perspectives

Take a closer look at the people and events that helped shape AAMI.